3 Generations, and a Birthday

Our client, a family of 14 members from 3 generations, requested an unconventional 7-day tour to Israel which included a Bar Mitzvah celebration, and a special birthday of one of the adults. Members of this Jewish family from Los Angeles, have visited the country numerous times before, and this time wanted experiences that were off the beaten path.


To address the request for “something different”, we created a range of special activities that are part of any standard tour. ‘Shuk and Cook’ at HaCarmel market in Tel Aviv, which included shopping for ingredients and a cooking workshop where an authentic Israeli meal was made from scratch. A VIP Graffiti tour in the side-streets and alleyways of Tel Aviv’s Florentin neighborhood, the group explored the city’s colorful, urban underground scene and discussed the philosophical, psychological and economical aspects of urban art. An opportunity to see Israel from the eyes of fighter pilots at the Squardon flight center, a visit which included an overview of the strategic challenges in the Middle East, personal stories from senior fighter pilots and the unforgettable experience of stepping into F-35 / F-16 simulators and experiencing the excitement with advanced VR systems. We organized a guided tour to Masada, the last stronghold of the Jewish Zealots in their struggle against the Romans, and a symbol of resilience and perseverance, and took a special motorboat tour on the Dead Sea, to enjoy a unique glimpse into the scenic wonder of the Dead Sea from new and unfamiliar angles. In the Golan Heights, the group enjoyed a 4×4 jeep ride, a visit to a fantastic winery for a tour, tasting and relaxation in the beautiful vineyards, and a spectacular home hospitality dinner. The trip also included a visit to Sfad, Rosh Hanikrah, Acco and Cesarea, and of course the Bar Mitzvah itself, celebrated in the best Jewish tradition at the Kotel (Western Wall).


This family turn was all about traveling in style: from the selection of hotels which included the Kempinski Hotel in Tel Aviv, the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem and the Satei in the Galilee, to the rooms we hand-picked for their special vistas and amenities; the comfortable mini buses that accompanied the group, waiting to take them from one experience to the other; and the reservations made at the best and most popular restaurants Tel Aviv including HaBasta off the Nachalat Binyamin pedestrian mall, and chef Eyal Shani’s Romano in the trendy Beit Romano compound, or the home hospitality dinner to remember in the North.

It was a VIP tour to remember, with every small detail taken care of by our customer care team that made sure the entire trip ran smoothly, and that expectations were exceeded.