Recent Stories

March 19, 2023, Pilgrims in Beit Guvrin

A group of 34 Pilgrims lead by Pastor Glen Thomas arrived from United States to Israel for a 12 day trip, planned and operated by Amiel. This video was taken in the Maresha Caves in Beit Guvrin, a National Park with hundreds of bell-shaped caves caused by ancient Roman quarrying. This was the home of the prophet Micah – one of the Twelve Minor Prophets in the Hebrew Bible.

December 15, 2022, CREATE – DELIVER – SUCCEED  – Amiel’s end-of-the-year celebration.

We at Amiel held our 2022 year-end closing event in the Judean Mountains. We left the office to explore and enjoy new attractions. This fantastic day allowed us to regroup and interact outside the office.
We celebrated together; we created together; we danced together, and we faced new challenges together.
We are ready and fully prepared for 2023 and excited to hear from you.

Enjoy the short video we made for you. Remember, these activities can be arranged for your clientele as well.